Key Points Killer List

Edmund Kemper Mug Shot

Kemper Edmund December 18, 1948

Number of Victims: 10
Span of Crimes: 1964-1973
Penalty: Life Imprisonment
Dennis Rader Mugshot

Rader Dennis March 9, 1945

Nickname: BTK Killer
Number of Victims: 10
Span of Crimes: 1974-1991
Penalty: Life Imprisonment
Henry Lee Lucas Mugshot

Lucas Henry Lee August 23, 1939

Nickname: The Highway Stalker
Number of Victims: 11
Span of Crimes: 1960–1983
Penalty: Life Imprisonment

DeAngelo Joseph November 8, 1945

Nickname: Golden State Killer
Number of Victims: 12
Span of Crimes: 1974–1986
Penalty: Suspect awaiting trial
Gary Hilton Prison Photo

Hilton Gary Michael November 26, 1946

Nickname: The National Forest Serial Killer
Number of Victims: 4
Span of Crimes: 2005-2008
Penalty: Life Imprisonment

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