Serial Killer Spotlight

This week’s serial killer spotlight is one of the first killer’s I tracked. Back in 2005, as part of a internet community of web sleuths, I was tracking Dennis Rader, at the time know only as BTK. In March of that year, I planned to visit is hunting grounds with 13 other internet detectives and escorted by one of the early detectives in the case, we planned to review the cases and areas he attacked.

Rader was captured the month prior, in February, 2005. 

Dennis Rader Mugshot

Dennis Rader March 9, 1945

Nickname: BTK Killer
Number of Victims: 10
Span of Crimes: 1974-1991
Penalty: Life Imprisonment
States: Kansas
Date Apprehended: February 25, 2005

Places Time Forgot

Places Time Forgot, all the places time forgot, including the creepy building down the block, asylums, drive-in theaters, and all the rest of wonderful places long forgotten.

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