Serial Killer List

Serial Killers

Serial Killer List

Serial killer lists are mostly subjective to the writer and his or her audience unless the list is based on number of kills, type of murders, and victim profiles. I have built a list based mostly on the effects the killer and his crimes had on me and how i became involved in research this topic.

List of Serial Killers

NameYears ActiveNumber of VictimsStatus
Henry Lee Lucas1960-198311Died in prison
Edmund Kemper1964-197310Imprisoned
Denis Rader1974-199110Imprisoned
Golden State Killer
East Area Rapist
Original Night Stalker
1974-198612Suspect awaiting trial
(Joseph DeAngelo)
H.H. Holmes1891-18949Executed 1896
A collection of serial killers whose crime affected the author to study the people, their crimes, their affect on victims and society.

I am the site admin, author, and researcher.

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