Serial Killer Week

Serial Killer Week

Starting the week off right! Beginning this Saturday night, July 21, Key Points begins a week long blast of serial killer information. For those of us who are nostalgic, the list will include the terrifying attacks of Bundy, Ridgeway, Rader, and DeAngelo (East Area Rapist and Original Night Stalker), and newcomer to my list if not yours, Gary Micheal Hilton. Hilton is suspected of killing at least 4 victims and as many as six. Other articles will include a special piece written on Gary Michael Hilton including his involvement in National Parks disappearances, and I’ll uncover a hot bed of activity along the Florida / Georgia border that may be unnoticed by authorities.

Gary HiltonGary Michael Hilton

Known as “The National Forest Serial Killer”, Hilton raped his victims and after clubbing them to death, he dismembered and beheaded their bodies. His period of destruction lasted only a month concluding in January, 2008 after he was arrested for the death of Meredith Hope Emerson, 24.
Hilton is currently serving life in prison in Georgia and North Carolina and awaiting death penalty in Florida.

Florida / Georgia Serial Killer

Georgia / Florida Serial Killer

In 2007, emails to the Leon County, Florida Sheriff’s Office contributed to hysteria in the Tallahassee area as the news of a possible serial killer was responsible for the death of Cheryl Hodges Dunlap. Serial Killer Week will explore this case, Dunlap’s murder, and discuss the death of¬†¬†Michael Lee Gerrard.

Places Time Forgot

Places Time Forgot, all the places time forgot, including the creepy building down the block, asylums, drive-in theaters, and all the rest of wonderful places long forgotten.

Henry Lee Lucas is the first serial killer I researched from as far back as I can recall. Lucas boasted to killing 200+ people, and as many as over 3,000. Authorities were accused of using Lucas to close open cases because of a lack of evidence in their own cases. Henry Lee Lucas was a drifter, known as the 'Highway Stalker', and the 'Confession Killer'.

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